OZ Racing Ultra Leggera – Where there’s a wheel there’s a way

The best way to have a uniquely stylish car is to match it up with exceptional wheels. The right wheels will bring out the best looks and performance of your car. So when choosing a wheel to compliment that brand new machine, there are certain things to put into consideration – the durability of the wheels, the endurance during bad weather and road conditions, the corrosion resistance, the endurance of brakes. If all these are not looked into you may end up with more problems than expected. Different wheels are differently manufactured; some undergo simpler manufacturing processes while some are very advanced, depending on its qualities and purposes which it is expected to serve. As for the price range, one might be able to get a wheel as cheap $250 while some wheels are as highly priced as $15000, it all varies, and the process of manufacturing and quality also defines the price range for example a set of Enkei RPF1 Wheels for sale start at a price range of around 250USD. However a set of OZ Racing wheels start at around 600USD.

The Oz Racing Ultraleggera is a wheel that cannot be missed and a when listing out the top ten wheels of 2018. First of all, it has been distinctly built for racing with some special manufacturing techniques.

Oz Racing is the Italian company behind their ingenuity, this company has had a several years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of car wheels, especially those that can endure the severities of racing. This very Oz Racing Ultraleggera is cast from aluminium and is light-weight enough for smooth sporting and optimum performance. There are three variants of the wheels Ultraleggera HLT, Ultraleggera HLT CL and Hyper GT HLT.


The most powerful of them is the Hyper GT HLT which is built sturdily for GT3 racing. These wheels are made into different sizes ranging from 17 inch to 20 inch and are specifically concave wheels which are a favourite for die hard racers due to the fact that they precisely meet their basic racing demands – cheap to fix when damaged but not easily damaged in the first place due to its strength.

You might recognize a couple of the brands above all of which are leaders in the wheel industry in some shape and or form.


McLaren 2018 SuperCars Review

The undisputed McLaren brand has always been known for manufacturing the most luxuriously posh vehicles of all time but this time the brand has taken luxury and speed a bit farther by unleashing the most abominable supercars of the century

Brace yourselves! This list is not just for anyone. These supercars are dominantly flamboyant and would certainly made headlines on any occasion- A great set of options for the affluent. Here are 3 McLaren supercars for 2018;

McLaren P14

The anticipation is massive as the 650S makes way for the P14. On first sight, this low rider billows with the sleekness of a space pod. The prototype gives a teaser of what the finished version would look like. A mono cell carbon-fiber tub tech is used with an intuitive control dock. The P14 will be turbocharged with 3.8 liter V8 engine to push a stunning 700 horsepower. The expected price is set at $300,000.

McLaren 688 HS

The elegance of the 688HS doesn’t impede on its speed capabilities as this luxury machine can deliver ground speed of 203 mph. with a 678 horsepower from a V8 engine we are looking at 2.8 seconds from 0-60. The 688HS is rumored to be the most expensive yet with an estimate of $500,000.

McLaren P16

The McLaren brand is always full of surprises, making this deliciously obvious with the sudden unveiling of P16-also an outrageously gorgeous powerhouse with the most sophisticated interiors ever made. The P16 hoards a 3.8 liter V8 with the capacity of about 640 horsepower- a true sprinter. Think 0-60 in between three seconds. There are rumors that different versions will be produced and compared. The price is set at $275,000


The McLaren brand has made major impact in the production of high end sports and luxury vehicles with unpredictable fun surprises at ever corner. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the next versions of supercars.


The Modern Valkyrie

Even wondered, what a Valkyrie would look like in different form other than a mad feminist on a horse while still retaining that raging flare, well Aston Martin answers that question in a classic “I got you fam” style. They just released their new car prototype design, but the car will officially launch in 2019.

The Valkyrie is an 1130 hp vehicle among which almost a 1000 is generated from a six and half liter V12 engine. However, the main part of its design which shocks car designers when they look at physical spec sheet is its weight. Weighing just roughly over a ton, the Valkyrie is almost 60 pounds less than Mazda’s MX-5 Miata but has a power output value greater than that of a LaFerrari.

The car is lightweight not only due to the material and structure, but also due to minor and technical details, which give it finesse and class. The electrical adjustable door weight has been removed, by using camera systems and LCD display instead of front camera. The badge of Aston Martin has been made so thin, that you cannot even feel it, if you run your fingers on it. It’s less than one micron in thickness and only weighs about a few milligrams.

The cool part about the Valkyrie is that, the seats will be tailored to fit its driver using a 3D body scan. The windows however, are fixed in place because of the curvature of the design and many designers assume that this, the removal of roll-down mechanism saves weight as well. The main question that, most people had asked about the Valkyrie, is that its cockpit looked small and tight. However, the company has reassured the doubters by saying, that two people can easily fit themselves and enough luggages for a weekend road trip. They further added that, their chief designer Marek Reichman who is about six-feet-four inches tall fits very comfortably into the car. This eliminates any further question about the car’s sitting comfort.

It’s truly a piece of beauty and looks more like those video game concept built car that a person would be instantly attracted to. If anyone ever missed McLaren’s from Need For Speed games, they can rest assured a new generation one is about to arrive.


Mazda has had had quite a fulfilling year being ranked amongst the top safest cars for 2017. This great achievement is evidence of the improvement in technical engineering and an improved safety mechanism. The peculiarity of the brand is based on its portable structures and elegant design which is highly rated on the streets for its efficiency, balance and simplicity.

The 2015 CX-9 safety evaluation dealt a blow to the brand, being rated as “poor” at the safety assessment. The rear strength tested out poorly while the roof hovered at marginal. This was unacceptable.

Stipulations for qualifying in the safety examinations was that every vehicle is expected to attain “good” as a score at all the five known crash tests. This should also be backed with an “advanced” score in the rear crash prevention features. The headlights are expected to meet safety benchmarks as well.

The Mazda brand, taking the previous setbacks into consideration, fashioned out a most impressive design, making a most unexpected comeback. The 2017 Mazda CX-9 aggressively retrieves a top safety award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This was done by developing an alternative deploy pattern to the curtain airbags, this would, in effect improve protection against side crashes. The vehicle was able to effectively and efficiently evade maximum internal damage, small overlap tests inclusive, earning the brand an impressive superior score on rear crash tests along with braking test capabilities. Best headlight ratings also spirals the reputation of the CX-9 to the top.
The CX-9 isn’t just big on safety; it comes with colossal sophistication built to suit all driving styles and purpose, lavished with extravagant luxury. It carries with it the literal definition of authenticity and style, from the exterior materials and structure to the interior padding, panels and exclusive detailing. The CX-9 is definitely an asset on the streets

Hawk HPS Break Pad

Brakes are a very important part for your car. It focuses in protecting your car from anything severe, especially from accidents. So, when you have to buy brake pads for your car, you have to be careful so that is is long lasting and effective. You have to check a lot of things before actually picking your perfect break. For this, we can recommend you one of the best break pads for your car and it is none other than Hawk HPS Brake Pads. This break pad works perfectly and with high performance. It is a street perfect brake pad for any vehicle. The brake comes with a fusion of Hawk’s amazing aerospace experience and an advanced braking technology which exceeds any performance of different break pads in the market now. Behind this extreme power of Hawk HPS Brake Pads, it is actually their unique compound matter which is ferro-carbon. It focuses in making the break pads 20% to 40% more powerful than any usual break pads. This makes sure that it has good friction. That is why Hawk’s Brake Pads are more resistant and will not be faded easily, this gives you more control. This ideal brake pad is an efficient companion for your motor vehicle.

It beautifully fist in your calipers which comes with no excessive hassle. It is noise free and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you think you still want to look over at other break pads, you surely can. It is your car and it is your responsibility for the safety of the car and the driver. The safety of everyone who would be riding your vehicle is also your responsibility so you should choose the best one. If you think your break pad is being squeaky or not working properly, take your car to a mechanic instantly because it means that your break pad is about to break and you might be prone to accidents. Check your car always before going on for a drive, just to be safe. It’s always better to be safe and sound before being on for a drive.

More information on Hawk Pads can be found on their website.


The eccentric nature of the name itself provokes curiosity. The term Avant Garde has a meaning that dates back centuries ago but now stands as a metaphor and a symbol of innovativeness and ability to explore and envision the impossible. Hence with the continuous improvement in technology, the ideas and concepts are teleported into reality by this brand. Avant Garde has over 40 years of experience and that is more than enough time to master an art. The secret recipe to creating world class wheels have been passed down through years. This reflects the company’s passion and resilience. Other conventional wheel brands are great but when you need certainty, trust, and a demonstration of prowess they are the go-to company. The Avant Garde is stacked with dexterity of highly trained professionals that are widely knowledgeable in wheel design and fitment; always ready to share their opinion and give valuable advice on what wheel set is a proper fit.

Having captured the entirety of European and Japanese brands of luxury sedan, sport cars and coupes; the Avant Garde further expands its reach by specializing in high end fitments.

There is no compromising when it comes to style quality and fitments as each set of wheel produced is designed for a specific brand of vehicle. The passion and professionalism of the brand has made it the most sort-out brand in the wheel market.
In order to deliver superior products precautions are taken to assess every new design. The evaluation ranges from submerged testing with the use of water tanks to the use of radiation such as x-rays and other elaborate techniques to further analyze the integrity of each product.

At the end of these processes what you get is a flawless wheel with exquisite finishing and perfect fitments. The lightness in weight of each wheel makes it a natural match for car brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The Avant Garde indeed can be described with two words “finesse” and “fitment.”

2017 rim models

SSR GTV01 Flat Back

This model is below $500 range to be precise almost $400, so if you are opting for rims which would not leave a gaping hole in your wallet, this will be a very good decision. It is quite enduring and light yet excels in its performance. The rims are offered in varying ranges of size and also the pattern of the bolt facilitating you to choose from them. This can easily fit into a Miata or even a Mercedes wagon.

Rotiform Cast CCV Wheels

This is for a low budget option, under $250 yet it surprises users with its distinctive and remarkable design and bolt patterns. Also comes with an array of fitments and ranges of colours.

HRE Vintage 505M Wheels

If you are a true fan of Vintage and own vintage super cars as well from the ‘80s or ‘90s then this is the perfect fit for you. The wheels not only glamorize the stylish vintage look in the cars but also durable and entitled to last a long time. Their performance is also top notch. They are meant to adjust with the modern era. However it is a bit on the expensive side amounting up to $1900 but there is no compromise in quality, so worth the money.

O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT Wheels

If lightweight is your top priority then O.Z. fits your criteria perfectly. Not only are the wheels light but quite sturdy and strong so there is no compromise when it comes to performance hence it is a tough competition among its competitors. The wheels have a diameter of about 19 to 20 inches and can be as light as 20 pounds. The price range is within $470.

Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Wheels

If you are willing to spend a little over $1000, above mid price range then these wheels can be a great option. Also it is ideal for the tuning scene of Japan. While manufacturing the wheels top quality for high performance, lightweight and classic design of six-spoke style was kept on mind. They are also offered in a variety of colors from matte red to matte black. So this will surely be a great deal !