The eccentric nature of the name itself provokes curiosity. The term Avant Garde has a meaning that dates back centuries ago but now stands as a metaphor and a symbol of innovativeness and ability to explore and envision the impossible. Hence with the continuous improvement in technology, the ideas and concepts are teleported into reality by this brand. Avant Garde has over 40 years of experience and that is more than enough time to master an art. The secret recipe to creating world class wheels have been passed down through years. This reflects the company’s passion and resilience. Other conventional wheel brands are great but when you need certainty, trust, and a demonstration of prowess they are the go-to company. The Avant Garde is stacked with dexterity of highly trained professionals that are widely knowledgeable in wheel design and fitment; always ready to share their opinion and give valuable advice on what wheel set is a proper fit.

Having captured the entirety of European and Japanese brands of luxury sedan, sport cars and coupes; the Avant Garde further expands its reach by specializing in high end fitments.

There is no compromising when it comes to style quality and fitments as each set of wheel produced is designed for a specific brand of vehicle. The passion and professionalism of the brand has made it the most sort-out brand in the wheel market.
In order to deliver superior products precautions are taken to assess every new design. The evaluation ranges from submerged testing with the use of water tanks to the use of radiation such as x-rays and other elaborate techniques to further analyze the integrity of each product.

At the end of these processes what you get is a flawless wheel with exquisite finishing and perfect fitments. The lightness in weight of each wheel makes it a natural match for car brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The Avant Garde indeed can be described with two words “finesse” and “fitment.”

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