The best way to have a uniquely stylish car is to match it up with exceptional wheels. The right wheels will bring out the best looks and performance of your car. So when choosing a wheel to compliment that brand new machine, there are certain things to put into consideration – the durability of the wheels, the endurance during bad weather and road conditions, the corrosion resistance, the endurance of brakes. If all these are not looked into you may end up with more problems than expected. Different wheels are differently manufactured; some undergo simpler manufacturing processes while some are very advanced, depending on its qualities and purposes which it is expected to serve. As for the price range, one might be able to get a wheel as cheap $250 while some wheels are as highly priced as $15000, it all varies, and the process of manufacturing and quality also defines the price range for example a set of Enkei RPF1 Wheels for sale start at a price range of around 250USD. However a set of OZ Racing wheels start at around 600USD.

The Oz Racing Ultraleggera is a wheel that cannot be missed and a when listing out the top ten wheels of 2018. First of all, it has been distinctly built for racing with some special manufacturing techniques.

Oz Racing is the Italian company behind their ingenuity, this company has had a several years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of car wheels, especially those that can endure the severities of racing. This very Oz Racing Ultraleggera is cast from aluminium and is light-weight enough for smooth sporting and optimum performance. There are three variants of the wheels Ultraleggera HLT, Ultraleggera HLT CL and Hyper GT HLT.


The most powerful of them is the Hyper GT HLT which is built sturdily for GT3 racing. These wheels are made into different sizes ranging from 17 inch to 20 inch and are specifically concave wheels which are a favourite for die hard racers due to the fact that they precisely meet their basic racing demands – cheap to fix when damaged but not easily damaged in the first place due to its strength.

You might recognize a couple of the brands above all of which are leaders in the wheel industry in some shape and or form.


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