Even wondered, what a Valkyrie would look like in different form other than a mad feminist on a horse while still retaining that raging flare, well Aston Martin answers that question in a classic “I got you fam” style. They just released their new car prototype design, but the car will officially launch in 2019.

The Valkyrie is an 1130 hp vehicle among which almost a 1000 is generated from a six and half liter V12 engine. However, the main part of its design which shocks car designers when they look at physical spec sheet is its weight. Weighing just roughly over a ton, the Valkyrie is almost 60 pounds less than Mazda’s MX-5 Miata but has a power output value greater than that of a LaFerrari.

The car is lightweight not only due to the material and structure, but also due to minor and technical details, which give it finesse and class. The electrical adjustable door weight has been removed, by using camera systems and LCD display instead of front camera. The badge of Aston Martin has been made so thin, that you cannot even feel it, if you run your fingers on it. It’s less than one micron in thickness and only weighs about a few milligrams.

The cool part about the Valkyrie is that, the seats will be tailored to fit its driver using a 3D body scan. The windows however, are fixed in place because of the curvature of the design and many designers assume that this, the removal of roll-down mechanism saves weight as well. The main question that, most people had asked about the Valkyrie, is that its cockpit looked small and tight. However, the company has reassured the doubters by saying, that two people can easily fit themselves and enough luggages for a weekend road trip. They further added that, their chief designer Marek Reichman who is about six-feet-four inches tall fits very comfortably into the car. This eliminates any further question about the car’s sitting comfort.

It’s truly a piece of beauty and looks more like those video game concept built car that a person would be instantly attracted to. If anyone ever missed McLaren’s from Need For Speed games, they can rest assured a new generation one is about to arrive.

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